How can I aggregate all news on companies of interest?

If you search for deals or companies with specific criteria, you can save the resulting list of companies, and have all the related news aggregated into one place.

There are a multitude of search criteria to choose from so you can get as specific as you wish.  In this case, let’s look at the financing activity for New York’s early stage internet companies.

Step 1 – Log in to CB Insights

  • Click on Search, and then Deal Search or Company Search. In this case, we’ll use a Deal Search.

Step 2 – Define Your Search Criteria

  • Over to the left, choose the relevant filters.  In this case:
    • Company Industries is “Internet”
    • Investment stage is “Seed/Angel” and “Series A”
    • Geography is “New York”
  • Next click “See results,” which will show you the results that match your filtering criteria.

Step 3 – Make Your List

  • You can select the box to the left of the companies that interest you.
  • Click “Add to list” to either add these companies to an existing list, or to create a new one.

  • If you create a new list, a pop-up will ask you to name it.

Step 4 – Go to Private List Analytics

  • From any screen, click on Analytics & Research - Private List Analytics, and then pick your Private List.

  • You will be directed to the Company News tab of your Private List Analytics.

Step 5 – Navigating Company News

  1. The total number of companies on your Private List.
  2. Top News will show you the most significant and relevant news related to the specific companies in your Private List. Headline news will be displayed in bold, provide the source, date of publication, and a description. Each article will have related content listed below.
  3. The Newest column will include the most recent content related to the companies in your Private List. The Newest column continues on the far right of the page under Similar Companies.
  4. Similar Companies shows companies algorithmically matched  to those previously added to your Private List.
    • You can add companies of interest by clicking the thumbs up.
      • The company will be added to your Private List and news will populate automatically.
    • You can reject companies by clicking the thumbs down.
      • The company will be removed from the Similar Companies list and no action will be taken.
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