How do I install and set up CBI for Salesforce integration?

Before you can send information from your CB Insights account to your Salesforce account, there is setup that needs to be done. This should take no more than 10 minutes on average.

Steps 1-3 require a Salesforce admin at the organization. This admin does not have to be a CB Insights user. Step 4 requires a CB Insights user.

Step One: Install CBI Package

Step Two: Edit Account Page Layout

For this step we need a Salesforce admin at the organization. This admin does not have to be a CB Insights user.

  • Go to the Account Page Layout Page (Setup -> Customize -> Accounts -> Page Layouts)
  • Select ‘Edit’ next to the appropriate layout
  • Drag a new Section to the location where CB Insights data will live

  • Name the section ‘CB Insights’ and set the properties as you desire. Here’s our recommendation:

  • Add all of the CBI data fields to the CB Insights section

(Note that you can add them all at once by selecting the first field, holding down the Shift button, and selecting the last field in order to highlight them all).

You can re-organize the fields as you desire, but note that you should pull down every field in order to ensure the integration works properly.

Step Three: Edit Account Validations

If you have custom Account validations, you will need to edit each validation slightly in order for CB Insights to send information to Salesforce.

  • Go to the Account Validation Rules Page (Setup -> Customize -> Accounts -> Validation Rules)
  • Click on ‘Edit’  for the first validation rule
  • In the ‘Error Condition Formula’ append the following: &&  !CBIS__CBI_Bypass__c
  • (Repeat for each validation rule)

This will only override validation rules for accounts automatically sent from CB Insights. For accounts added via other means (such as manual entry), validation rules will still be in effect.

Step Four: Try it out!

At this point someone in the organization with a CB Insights account will be able to the Salesforce integration. To make sure it’s working:

  • Log into CB Insights
  • Navigate to any company profile page
  • Click on the ‘Salesforce’ button at the top
  • Complete the authorization flow
  • Once directed back to CB Insights, you’ll see the Salesforce button reflects the information has been sent

If you should encounter an error in this step, please let us know. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

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