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User Manual


CB Insights tracks high growth companies and their investors, acquirers and industries. This user manual outlines CB Insights’ most popular features.  To see more of what you can do with CB Insights, watch this quick video or check out the Help Desk.  You can also contact us at


Deal Search

Use Deal Search to search for round by round company financing details by industry, geography, deal size, participating investor, etc.  Deal Search also allows searching specifically for exit events, dead companies and more.

  • From the MyCBI homepage, use the Search menu at the top to go to Deal Search.  Define your search criteria by using filters on the left.  Click See results at the top left.  Click Add more columns to the right to customize results display if needed.

Key Deal Search functions: 

  • Save a search: create custom activity feeds for your MyCBI homepage to see relevant company financings and exit whenever you log in.
    • Run a search, then click Save this search at the top left, then name the search.  Go back to your MyCBI homepage to see your saved search as a custom feed. 
  • Schedule a search: automatically receive updates directly to your inbox for new deals that fit your search criteria.
    • Click Schedule this search at the top left.  Select the frequency with which any new deals are sent to your email in a mobile friendly format and with an attached Excel file.


More Search Tools

From the MyCBI homepage, use the Search menu at the top to perform the following types of searches:

  • Company Search: search for a custom set of companies by using filters (industry, geography, funding amount, etc) in the left column.  Company search is similar to Deal Search, but without round by round details. 
  • Investor Search: search for a custom set of investors by adding search criteria. 
  • Valuation/Multiple Search: search the database for companies that have valuation amounts, as well as price/sales multiples.
  • Rankings: create custom rankings by either of the following criteria: Acquirers (by number of acquisitions), Exits (by valuation amount), Financings (by investment amount), Investors (by number of deals or number of exits). 
  • Similar Companies: create a set of peer companies by keyword and algorithmic matching; create a list of peer companies and analyze their analytics.


Industry Analytics

Use the Analytics & Research menu at the top to go to Industry Analytics for interactive visual and data presentations on industry financing trends.

Industry Analytics: get an at-a-glance view of which industries are getting the most funding.

  • Click into an industry box to see a more granular view of sub-industries within a sector. Move or expand the timeline (in orange) to see how financing trends have changed over time.

Exit Analytics: get an at-a-glance view of which industries succeeded in the most number of deals and exits (M&A and IPOs); view correlation between funding and exits.

  • Go to Exits tab. Select an individual industry from the drop down menu at the top.

Geography Analytics: get an at-a-glance view of the investment activities by continent, countries, state or cities.

  • Go to Geographies tab at the top. Click into a continent box to see a more granular view by country or city.

Individual Industry Analytics: view investment activity for a specific industry, including financing and deal size trends, exit analytics, top investors, and more.

  • On the heatmap, select an industry then click See more charts about at the top right.

Individual Geography Analytics: view investment activity by geographic segments.

  • In the Geographies tab, select a geographical segment then click See more charts about at the top right.


Chrome Plugin 

Use the Chrome Plugin to access data on companies, investors, and acquirers right in your current browser tab.

  • Download the CB Insights Chrome Plugin from the Chrome Webstore.  When reading an article, highlight a company, investor, or acquirer’s name and click our plugin button, or right-click to select Look up on CB Insights.  Or, when visiting a company, acquirer or investor’s website, click on the CBI Icon at the top right of your browser to pull up their respective financing history or most recent deals.


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