How do I search for a company’s peers (and related companies)?

With CB Insights’ Similar Companies tool, you can search for a company’s peers, create new private lists for these companies and view their analytics.

For this example, let’s search for companies similar to Facebook.

Step 1 - Log in to CB Insights

Step 2 - Define Your Search

  • Type in a company name to define your search. In this case, we’ll type in Facebook.

Step 3 - See Results and Create a New Company List

  • Click “Search,” then “Add” next to a company name to add that company to a new list.
  • When a company is added to your list, algorithmically matched companies will appear at the top. These algorithmically matched companies can also be added to your list.

Step 4 - View Analytics

  • Click “Analyze These Companies,” then name and create your new list to be taken to your new list’s analytics page.

  • Click Activity on the left, where you’ll see the industry analytics for the companies in this list.


  • You can access the analytics for this list in the future by going to the Analytics & Research menu, then Private List Analytics.

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