How do I search for related companies by keywords?

With CB Insights’ Similar Companies tool, you can search for peer companies by keyword, create new private lists for these companies and view their analytics.

For this example, let’s search for similar companies in the social media space.

Step 1 - Log in to CB Insights

Step 2 - Define Your Search

  • Type in keywords using any combination of the following tools:
    • quotes (“): must contain exact phrase
    • plus sign (+): must contain specified word
    • minus sign (-): cannot contain specified word
  • In this case, we’ll type in +social +media -marketing to generate a list of similar companies that include the words ‘social’ and ‘media’ and cannot include the word ‘marketing’

Step 3 - See Results and Create a New Company List

  • Click “Search,” which will generate a list of companies that include your keywords in their descriptions.
  • Click “Add” next to a company name to add that company to a new list.
  • When a company is added to your list, algorithmically matched companies will appear at the top. These algorithmically matched companies can also be added to your list.

Step 4 - View Analytics

  • Click “Analyze These Companies,” then name and create your new list to be taken to your new list’s analytics page.

  • Click Activity on the left, where you’ll see the industry analytics for the companies in this list.


  • You can access the analytics for this list in the future by going to the Analytics & Research menu, then Private List Analytics.

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