How can I see industry financing trends (ie. what’s “hot” today)?

CB Insights’ Industry Analytics allow you to quickly visualize financing trends by industry, and can give you insight on what’s “hot” today, which industries you may want to target, and more.

Step 1 - Log in to CB Insights

Step 2 - View the Industry Heatmap

  • Here you’ll see the heatmap of industries across all private company deals.
  • For each industry, the darkness of the blue represents the amount of funding, and the size of the box represents the number of deals.

  • You can click on any industry box to get a more granular view of where money is invested.  For instance, click on “Internet,” then “Internet Software & Services” for a more detailed map of the sub-industries within that sector.

  • You can also move or expand the timeline (in orange) to see how financing trends within this industry have changed over time.  In this example, you can see that the overall focus in the Social space is not as big as it once was.

Step 3 - View the Analytics

  • Click into an industry, then click on “See more charts about” at the top right.  In this case, let’s select Business Intelligence, Analytics & Performance Mgmt, but you could also see the charts at the broader levels (ie. Internet or Internet Software & Services).
  • You can use many of the tools on the left to gain intelligence on the investment landscape.

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