How can I see an investor’s co-investment network?

Understanding venture capital syndicates (co-investment networks) provides insight into the relationships that exist within the investment community.  By viewing an investor profile, you can learn about an investor’s syndicate partners (who invests with them), as well as the investors who have invested before and after them.

For this example, let’s look at Andreessen Horowitz’s profile.

Step 1 - Log in to CB Insights

  • At the top right, search an investor name to go to their profile.

Step 2 - Go to Investment Syndicate tab

  • Once on the investor’s profile page, click the Investment Syndicate tab, where you’ll see the investors who invested in companies before, with, and after Andreessen Horowitz.


  • Click on a number under “Companies (rounds)” to see underlying company and financing details.  You’ll be able to see the companies Andreessen Horowitz co-invested in with SV Angel, for example.

  • You can click on any investor to be taken to that investor’s profile.

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