How do I use the Business Social Graph when viewing Private List Analytics?

CB Insights’ Business Social Graph can help you visualize how a group of companies and their investors are interconnected.

In this example, let’s look at Internet Software & Services companies in NYC.

Step 1 - Log in to CB Insights

Step 2 - View the Social Graph

  • Click on You, and then Business Social Graph to select a private list.
  • Here you’ll see an overview of all the companies that belong to this private list. Red lines indicate competitors, while green lines indicate investors.

Step 3 - Select a Company or Investor

  • An easy way to navigate through the Social Graph is to start by first selecting one company to see their competitors and investors. For example, select OnDeck from the “Companies” drop down menu.
    • You’ll see OnDeck’s competitors (in red) as well as their investors (in green).

  • Then, you can build the graph up by selecting additional companies or investors to view how these companies and investors are connected.
    • Select First Round Capital to expand the graph to show all of First Round Capitals’ investments. Here you can see that First Round Capital has invested in a number of other companies on this private list; and they’ve also invested in one company (Earnest) that is a direct competitor of OnDeck.


  • You can expand the Social Graph to show information for as many companies and investors that belong to your Private List as you want.

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