How can I track a specific investor or investors and their activity?

CB Insights allows you to track a specific investor and all their activity. You can keep track of an investor’s deals by creating a feed for your MyCBI Homepage, or schedule a search for new deals to be sent automatically to your inbox.

In this example, let’s take a look at how to track Sequoia Capital and all of their investments by building a feed and scheduling a search.

Step 1 - Log in to CB Insights

Step 2 - Select Investor(s) of Interest

  • On the left hand side of Deal Search you’ll see all the filters, including the “Participating Investors” field under "Financing & Exit".
  • Start typing in “Sequoia Capital” to select the investor (note that you can enter in as many investors as you wish).
  • Next, click “See Results” to view round by round details for all of Sequoia Capital’s investments.

Step 3 - Track Deals by Creating a Feed (if you want to get email alerts, skip to Step 4)

  • At the top of the filtering criteria, click “Save Search & Create Feed”

  • A popup will ask you to name this search.

  • Your saved search will automatically become a new feed on your MyCBI Homepage.

Step 4 - Track Deals by Creating Email Alerts

  • At the top of the filtering criteria, click “Create Email Alerts.”

  • Name the search and select the frequency with which new deals are sent to your email in a mobile friendly format and with an attached Excel file.


If creating email alerts:

  • Your Excel file will have all the data columns you have selected in Deal Search. If you’d like to add more columns, click “Add more columns” to the right above the results.
  • You will not be sent the deals from your original search.
  • Each deal that gets sent to you will decrement 1 from your team’s total consumption limit.

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