How can I see an industry’s top investors (and investor trends)?

CB Insights’ Industry Analytics allow you to see the top investors by industry and can give you insight on who’s driving growth in a space, and how investors are trending over time.

Step 1 - Log in to CB Insights

  • Click on Analytics & Research, and then Industry Analytics (or you can quick type an industry name on the top right and go directly to its analytics).

Step 2 - Go to an Industry’s Analytics

  • Click into an industry, then click on “See more charts about” at the top right. In this case, let’s select Internet Software & Services.

Step 3 - View Top Investors

  • Click on Top Investors on the left, where you’ll see the top investors in the industry, ranked by number of deals last year.
  • You’ll also see how many investments these investors made over the last 2 and 5 years, and how they are trending over time.


  • You can click on the number of deals to see underlying company and financing details.

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