How do I learn about a company’s web traffic stats, Facebook/Twitter buzz, hiring data, etc.?

Non-traditional metrics like social media buzz and web traffic can tell a lot about a company. By viewing a company profile, you can learn about their web traffic stats, Twitter and Facebook engagement, hiring data, and more.

For this example, let’s look at AirBnB’s company profile and performance metrics.

Step 1 - Log in to CB Insights

  • At the top right, search a company name to go to their profile.

Step 2 - Go to Performance tab

  • Once on the company’s profile page, click on the Performance tab.

  • First you’ll see Web Traffic, which includes information on the company’s site traffic, rank, pageviews, and SEO statistics.

  • Next, you’ll see the company’s Facebook statistics - including trends in terms of likes, how many people are talking about the company, and number of posts.

  • Twitter statistics include the company’s weekly buzz based on mentions, followers, and more.

  • Under News, you’ll see how much the company has been mentioned in the media as well as links to recent news articles about the company. 

  • Jobs Data shows you the company’s active job postings, as a potential indicator for growth.

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