How do I search deals by a specific industry (or industries)?

Searching for deals by a specific industry is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  (You can also search by a specific geography).

Step 1 – Log in to CB Insights

Step 2 - Select Sectors/Industries of Interest

  • On the left hand side of Deal Search you’ll see all the search filters, including the “Company Industries” field under "Industry & Geography".
  • You can be as high-level or as specific as you’d like.  For example, you can stay at the Sector level if you want to know all the deals in the Internet sector, or you can drill all the way down into Customer Relationship Management within the Internet Software and Services industry.
  • You can make multiple selections based on your needs and areas of interest.

Step 3 - View Results

  • Click “See results.”
  • You can now save your search and create a feed for your MyCBI homepage that will keep you apprised of all the exit activity you care about, or schedule this search so new deals fitting your criteria can be automatically sent to your inbox.

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