How do I customize my search results (data columns) and create a Deal Search template?

When you run a search with specific criteria, you can customize your output list with specific columns.

There are a multitude of search criteria to choose from so you can get as specific as you wish.  In this case, we will search for early stage internet deals in New York.

Step 1 – Log in to CB Insights

Step 2 – Define Your Search Criteria

  • Over to the left, choose the relevant filters.  In this case:
    • Company Industries is “Internet”
    • Investment stage is “Seed/Angel,” “Series A” and “Series B”
    • Geography is “New York”
  • Next click “See results,” which will show you the results that match your filtering criteria.

Step 3 – Customize Your Columns

  •  On the right hand side, click “Add more columns.”

  • Below is the list of columns that you can add or remove.


  • You can drag columns so they are in any order you want.
  • By clicking on a column header, you can sort by that column.
  • When you download your data to Excel, it will only include the columns you’ve selected.
  • You can save your custom template by clicking “Save columns as new template” so you can view future searches your way.

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