What happens if my CSV file that I've downloaded doesn't open properly?

If you're ever having problems opening up a CSV file that you've downloaded, it's likely due to a setting in your current set up.

For Example, Excel in Europe uses semicolons instead of commas as list separators, which results in a CSV file downloaded from CBI opening in one column rather than separate columns. 

To make changes to how these files open, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Open up a new workbook/blank sheet. Go to File > Import to open this menu, where you can select CSV

  2. Once you click Import you are asked to pick the file, then this pops up:
    1. Set the Data Type to "Delimited"
    2. Set the File Origin field to "Unicode (UTF-8)"
    3. Then click Next

  3. Ensure that Tab and Comma are checked, then click Finish

  4. Click OK in this menu, and you're done!

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