View the relationships between companies and investors with Business Social Graph

CB Insights’ Business Social Graph (BSG) helps you visualize relationships between companies and their investors.

You can access BSG’s in two places.

      1. The Business Social Graph shortcut on the navigation bar. Here, you can choose to build a BSG from one of your Private Collections.

  1. Open any collection and navigate to the "Charts & Search” drop down menu. Select either the BSG (Companies) or BSG (Investors) option.

But wait — what’s the difference between the two types of Business Social Graphs?

  • Business Social Graph (Companies) shows the companies in the collection as the center nodes, while their investors and competitors are the satellites hovering around them. It's important to note that this helps you understand the funding relationships of the companies inside the "companies tab" of your collection, regardless of whether their investors appear in the "investors tab."

  • You can also select individual companies from the drop down menu on the right hand side of the screen. Doing this will immediately take you to the company-investor relationships for that specific company. The company will be the center node.

  • Business Social Graph (Investors) shows investors from the collection as the center node, while their investments and acquisitions are the satellites floating around them. When you're looking at the investors Business Social Graph, you'll be analyzing the entire portfolio of the investors inside the "investors tab" of your collection, regardless of whether those companies appear in the "companies tab."

  • Just like the company BSG, you have the option to select a specific investor to immediately see their investor-company relationships.

Once you’ve created a BSG, slide the time bar at the top of your screen to see how an ecosystem has changed over time.

Try using BSG to tell your own story.


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