Using Collections to Collaborate on Projects

One of the benefits of using Collections as your default work management tool is the ability to collaborate on your Collections with different team members as well as colleagues outside of your team. 

For instance, if you were working on a project where you needed to keep track of all the startups in your pipeline that your company was interested in investing in, you could add additional teammates to your Collection so that they could keep track of where certain engagements stood in your funnel. 

These teammates would have the ability to update the columns in your Collection sheet just as easily as updating an Excel sheet. 

There are three levels of Collections sharing: 

Team sharing 

Sharing Collections among your team or other CBI teams in your organization is the easiest way to collaborate. Your teammates will have the same edit access as you. Your team will be able to:

First, select the share button. Then, choose which teammates or guests you’d like to invite. The recipient will be notified via email. 

Sharing with Non CBI Account Holders

You can share Collections with colleagues who do not have CB Insights accounts; these guests will have the same edit access as you do. 

First, select the share button. Then, choose which teammates or guests you’d like to invite. The recipient will be notified via email.

Users invited to a Collection without a CB Insights subscription are given partial access to other CB Insights features. This access includes:

  • The Collection they were invited to
  • Up to 50 company profiles
  • Up to 25 rows of any Expert Collections

View Only

Along with the ability to grant teammates or guests edit access to collections, enabling them to leave notes, add companies, add columns, etc, you also have the ability to grant a teammate or guest View Only access.

This means that clients will be able to share a collection with a large audience of teammates or guests in a read-only state without the risk of someone making changes.  This person would be able to view the collection and the companies in it, but won’t be able to edit any part of the collection itself. They will also not be able to navigate into any other parts of the CB Insights Platform.

Specifically, clients with teams located in a number of different global offices may choose to give colleagues view only access.  This ensures that they can both view and discuss the collection, but there will be no risk of the collection being edited without regular communication between those teams.

You’ll be able to identify when you have view only access to a collection by the “View Only” label indicator next to the collection name.

Guests with View only access will not be able to: 

  • Add new rows
  • Edit individual cells/headers
  • See the “Share” modal
  • Edit the market map
  • Create new sheets
  • Creating new columns
  • Delete sheets/collections/columns
  • Leave notes/see existing notes within the collection


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