Use Earnings Transcripts to find out what your favorite companies are interested in

Using Earnings Transcripts is a great way to stay ahead of emerging trends and technologies, as well as to get a sense of how companies view their competition. You can analyze the frequency in which trends or technologies are being mentioned by public companies to help gather this information.

Use Earnings Transcripts to:

  1. Discover the topics being discussed during earnings calls

  2. See the frequency of keywords being mentioned

  3. Quickly track what is being said, by whom, and when it was said

Here's an example:

Start by running a top search of “Artificial Intelligence.” Click on the Earnings Transcripts tab.

The first graph you’ll see shows the number of mentions of "artificial intelligence" in earnings calls over a period of time.

You can see the numbers spike towards the end of 2016 and throughout 2017. From this, you can gather that AI became a pretty popular topic during this time period. Based on this information, you can perhaps begin to track this market, especially as the number of mentions continues to rise for much of 2018.

Underneath the graph are the companies mentioning “Artificial Intelligence” and the number of times they’ve mentioned it. This can, for example, provide insight into which companies are most focused on the technology.

Underneath this list of companies are the actual transcripts from the earnings calls. Reading through them will provide better context for how certain companies are talking about AI.

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