Use Deal Charts to aggregate and visualize our investment data

Let’s say you wanted to look at all venture capital funding to US-based AI companies in 2018.

  1. Go into Deal Search
  2. Use the industry and geography filter and enter in “artificial intelligence” into the companies from Collections field. For geography, enter United States.
  3. Use the financing and exit tab and check off any specific investment rounds you want to look at. If you only want to see VC-backed companies, select that option. For more info on how to filter your searches, click here.
  4. Hit “see results”

Once the results are loaded onto the screen, you’ll see the list of deals in a table format. Click the charts tab at the top to aggregate the data.

Check out how the data breaks down.

Want to know which investors had the most deals? Click on Top Investors to see a breakdown of number of deals and how they compare to prior years.

Hovering over the Investors will highlight the lines which connect them.

Additionally, click on the M&A/IPO Activity to see how many deals were exits.

If you don’t have access to Deal Charts but are interested, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or call 212-292-3148.

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