Understanding our Research portal

Our Research Portal is one of the most popular parts of the CB Insights platform. Once you’re inside, you’ll be able to view a wide collection of different types of reports written by our Intelligence Unit.  

To start, login to cbinsights.com. Open up the drop down list on the upper left side of your screen. Click on “Research.”

Once you’re in the portal, you’ll see several filters to choose from.


Our Industries tab is a collection of reports, research briefs, and expert intelligence that have been written about specific industries.


You can choose our Geographies tab if you want to read our research on a certain part of the world.

Investments & Exits

Our Investments & Exits tab covers the various investments being made by certain types of investors (corporate VC, IPO & M&A, etc).


The Infographics tab will take you to any reports that feature graphics like market maps or business social graphs. 


The Reports tab will take you directly to our research reports, which tend to be more long-form and often contain downloadable PDFs.


Clicking on our Briefings tab will take you to our webinars page where you can register for any of our upcoming webinars led by our industry experts. If you can’t make the webinar, no need to worry! The slides and downloads will be emailed to you.

Types of Research

Located throughout our research portal, we have many different kinds of research articles.

Brief: Short research posts.

Briefings: Webinars hosted by our Intelligence Unit analysts.

Reports: Long-form posts that often contain downloadable PDFs. Our strategy teardowns generally fall under this category.

Expert Intelligence: Research available to Expert Intelligence clients that is more in-depth and predictive, and sometimes includes data from outside of our platform. For more information on Expert intelligence, click here

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