Tag companies to organize your Collection and build a market landscape

Think of Collections as your research folder and organizational tool. Click here to learn more.

Within each Collection, you can use our tagging tool to group companies and our filtering functionality to identify companies based on keywords. Below are some examples of how our customers are already leveraging our tags and filters.

  • Browse current list of tags to identify sub industries within a market, i.e within the AI collection, click on the healthcare tag to view healthcare AI companies.
  • Organize a list of companies based on industry/sub industry, i.e. within AI, you can tag companies as #robotics to indicate a group of companies that match that term.
  • Filter companies based off of key words, i.e. within fintech, search for “micro investing”
  • Workflow management, i.e. group companies that you’re prospecting vs evaluating
  • Assigning tasks to different teammates, i.e. group companies based on tasks or teammates

Identifying Tags

When you browse through any Expert Collection, you’ll see lists of hundreds, sometimes thousands of companies. Take our Artificial Intelligence collection for example:

In order to begin organizing your Collection, make sure to clone it first. This way, it becomes your own editable copy. More info on editing your collections here.

There are over 3,600 companies listed. Trying to browse through all of these companies is inefficient. Luckily, our team of expert analysts have already categorized these companies using the hashtags at the top.

The hashtags represent the sub-industries of these companies. So if you were only interested in AI companies within the healthcare space, for example, click on the healthcare hashtag to view that specific list of companies or type #healthcare into the filter .

Use our Filter to create your own tags

Additionally, you can also add your own tags if you don’t find the sub category at the top. To do this, click the filter to search for companies or a key term. For instance, you can search for “autonomous vehicles.” When your list of companies appears, select all the companies you want and click Tag Items. Name the tags autonomous_vehicles or AutonomousVehicles.

Add your tagged list to a new Collection

Now, you can use hashtags to create your own Collections which include only the tagged companies. Click on the hashtag, select the list of companies, and add them to your new Collection. Repeat the steps for every sub industry that you want to run an analysis on.


Build out a Market Map using the tags you’ve created

When you’ve finished creating your tags, you can then build out a Market Map to visualize each sub industry within the market you’re focusing on.

Find out how to build your own Market Map here.

Want to learn more on how to collaborate on a Collection with multiple colleagues? Click here to learn more.


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