Sync your CB Insights data with Salesforce

Seamlessly export CB Insights data on companies directly to your Salesforce account.

When viewing a company profile, click the “Salesforce sync” button at the top right of the profile page. 

When you click “Sync to Salesforce”:

    • If you have not created an account page yet, the sync will add the account page for that company to Salesforce and update the account page with CB Insights data
    • If you have not integrated Salesforce with CB Insights yet, a window will prompt you to set up the Salesforce integration. Follow the steps and once this is complete, the data will be synced as explained above.  

You can also sync your companies in the Advanced Search view. Once you’ve created your list of companies, you'll need to check off all of the companies you want to sync and then select the Salesforce icon to sync them to your account.

You’ll see the prompt change to “Synced with Salesforce,” and CB Insights data fields will appear on the appropriate account page in Salesforce.

Inside Salesforce, there will be a CB Insights section filled with data on the account.

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