How to filter your searches

Once you’ve selected a type of search you’d like to run, you can begin using a variety of filters to build out a relevant list.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to leverage filters within Advanced Search.

Industry and Geography

This filter allows you to run a search on companies within a Collection, a certain geography, or specific industries.

For example, above we’re asking Advanced Search to show us US-based Automotive & Transportation companies that our in-house research team has added to our Auto Tech Collection.

(See our Collection Help article here.)

Company Attributes

The Company Attributes filter allows you to search by keywords, company status, tech stack, or specific companies. If you want to enter multiple keywords, make sure to use quotes around the first and last word to ensure that the platform runs the search for both words together.

Above, for example, we’re looking for companies that have “autonomous vehicle” in their company descriptions.

Financing & Exit

Using the Financing & Exit filter, you can track deals and surface startups by investment stage, deal size, or date — or even filter startups that are backed by investors you’re following (ie: your competitors).

For example, above we’re only looking for companies that last raised a Series B round of funding.

Performance Metrics/Mosaic

If you want to base your search on how high or low a company’s mosaic score is, how often its mentioned on Twitter, hiring status, or website stats, this is the filter to use.

(More on Mosaic here.)

You can use the slider to take a look at companies in the top 25% Mosaic score, for example.

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