Overview of Advanced Search

Our Advanced Search feature allows you to conduct a more granular search around investments, companies, industries, investors, and people.

This is helpful if you want to run a search on which companies recently raised funding, or what companies within a certain industry are public vs. private. You can also look at how many deals a specific type of investor is making and what types of companies within the cohort are receiving the most funding. These are just a few examples.

To start, open up Advanced Search from our Navigation tool. You’ll see it located right under Research.

Underneath Advanced Search, you have several search options to choose from:

Deal Search: Use this to track investment data for companies, industries, and geographies.

Company Search: Use this to search for companies within a certain industry, geography, etc.

Investor Search: You can use this to look up information on certain types of investors (corporate, VC, banks, angel investors, etc).

People Search: Most commonly used to find people within a certain kind of role (CEO, CFO, COO).

Board Search: Used to search for Board members from different companies or industries.

Once you select the type of search you want, you’ll then need to choose a filter to narrow your search.

Search Filters

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to leverage filters within Advanced Search.

Industry and Geography

This filter allows you to run a search on companies within a Collection, a certain geography, or specific industries.

For example, above we’re asking Advanced Search to show us US-based Automotive & Transportation companies that our in-house research team has added to our Auto Tech Collection.

(See our Collection Help article here.)

Company Attributes

The Company Attributes filter allows you to search by keywords, company status, tech stack, or specific companies. If you want to enter multiple keywords, make sure to use quotes around the first and last word to ensure that the platform runs the search for both words together.

Above, for example, we’re looking for companies that have “autonomous vehicle” in their company descriptions.

Financing & Exit

Using the Financing & Exit filter, you can track deals and surface startups by investment stage, deal size, or date — or even filter startups that are backed by investors you’re following (ie: your competitors).

For example, above we’re only looking for companies that last raised a Series B round of funding.

Performance Metrics/Mosaic

If you want to base your search on how high or low a company’s mosaic score is, how often its mentioned on Twitter, hiring status, or website stats, this is the filter to use.

(More on Mosaic here.)

You can use the slider to take a look at companies in the top 25% Mosaic score, for example.

Deal Search

CB Insights Deal Search is the best way to search deals by industry or geography and get round-by-round financing details.

To get started, expand the Advanced Search drop-down in your navigation tool and select Deal Search.

Then, set filters. You can choose to filter by Industry and Geography, Company Attributes, Financing & Exit, and Performance Metrics/Mosaic score (in any combination).

You can explore emerging technology verticals via the "Companies from Collections" filter.

You can select multiple filters based on your needs and areas of interest. Using the Financing & Exit filter, you can surface startups by their funding stage, and find startups that are backed by companies you’re following. The results will surface deals to companies, as well as their location and any other data points you want to see. 

You can now save your search to stay up-to-date on the exit activity you care about. Or, schedule this search so new deals fitting your criteria can be automatically sent to your inbox.

Company Search

Using Company Search will allow you to search for a list of companies from different industries. This is most useful when you need to do research on what companies in a certain industry segment are receiving funding.

Click on the Company Search tab and select the filters in order to begin your search. The most common filters used in a company search are the Industry & Geography and Financing & Exit filters. Together, you can select which industries you’d like your companies to fall under and see the funding trends of those companies.

Check out how many AI companies in the US received funding within a specific date range, as seen below.

You can dig deeper by using the Financing and Exit filter if you only wanted to focus on AI companies that have undergone specific funding rounds. This is most useful if you only wanted to focus on companies in a certain stage, such as early-stage startups.

If you wanted to get more specific, you can use our Performance Metrics/Mosaic filter to only search for companies that have a high Mosaic score. For more info on what a Mosaic score is, click here.

Investor-Acquirer Search

Investor-Acquirer search is the best way to understand which investors are making deals and what industries they’re making deals in.

The Investor-Acquirer Search is located right underneath Company Search. Once you click on it, you’ll be taken to the various filters which are similar to the Deal and Company Search filters.

The Investor Info filter can be used to select Investor Types (you can select from a drop-down list), their geography details, investors from our collections, a specific Investor (Sequoia) — or you can enter an Investor's URL.

If you want to narrow your search of investors, you can drill down on specific companies from Collections or industries to get a more narrow view of where investors are their putting money. This is a great tool to use whenever you're looking for which investors are doing the most deals within a certain market. 

The Financing & Exit Round filter is a good way to narrow your search even further by specifying what kind of exit rounds certain investors are participating in. You can enter in a date range to get an idea of the # of investors in an exit round during a specific time frame.

Once you have your filters set, click See Results. Now you can see how many deals an investor is making which can help you better understand who the top players are. 

Setting up Email Alerts

If you’d like to receive email alerts for certain companies or industry news to stay on top of the latest trends, you can easily do this within the Advanced Search feature.

First, log in to cbinsights.com and click on the three bars on the top left of your page. This will open up various options to choose from.

Scroll down to Advanced Search near the bottom of the page and click on either Deal Search or Company Search.

Once you’ve selected an option, you can run any of the aforementioned searches. Enter in any of the fields listed and select “See Results” at the top.

Once you have your list, you can click on the blue “Save Search” button. This will prompt you to name your search and you will be given the option to create email alerts for yourself. Once you enable this, you’ll be emailed whenever there is news related to the companies/deals/investors in your saved search.

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