Organize data for your company's taxonomy with tags

Tags are a way for you to identify and categorize companies within a Collection, essentially building your own custom taxonomy. With a clear way to categorize your companies, organizing your data just became more efficient. 

In our Expert Collections, Expert Tags represent how our team of analysts has categorized the companies or investors within that Collection. You can essentially steal the work our team has done and look at emerging technology startups through their lens. 

When viewing the list of Expert Collections, You'll be able to view a list of the top 10 Expert tags. 

Expert Tags will also follow a company throughout Collections. So if Lyft exists in multiple Collections and is tagged as #ridesharing, the tag will appear in all of the Collections Lyft is a part of.

When you create your own Collections, or clone an existing one, you can add an Expert Tag column and the tags will auto populate as long as our analysts have created an Expert Tag for that company. 

Create your own Tags

While our Expert Tags cover a wide range of categories and sub-categories, you might want to label data and companies within your Collection through your own lens. To make creating your own taxonomy as simple as possible, we’ve given you the ability to add your own tag column. Simply click the Add Column button and select #Tag. 

Now you can add your own categorization to better organize your work. 

Bulk Tagging

With bulk tagging, you can tag multiple companies at once with Expert tags or custom tags of your own, saving you the time of manually tagging each individual company.

To use bulk tagging, first highlight all of the companies you would like to tag by clicking the box next to the row.

The Action Bar will appear with the number of items selected, along with options to delete, add to, and tag.  You’ll want to select the tag option.

From there, you can search from a list of existing tags (these include all tags in the platform, including expert), or create a new tag to label the companies you have selected.  Once you’ve selected a tag or typed in a new tag, it will give you an option to apply, the tag will now appear in the “Tag” column of your collection sheet.

Build out a Market Map using the tags you've created

When you’ve finished creating your tags, you can now visualize your landscape with our Market Map Maker tool. Click here to learn more. 

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