Use Notes to communicate with colleagues

Our notes feature allows CB Insights team members to add notes to any page in the platform, as well as have discussions with other team members to share their ideas.

Whenever you visit a page on CB Insights, you can leave a note on it, and your team will be able to see it (unless you change settings to “just me”). You can also see previous notes left by your coworkers.

Leaving notes is simple:

To get started, simply click on the notes icon to the right of the top search bar. 

  • You can share notes with your whole team or leave private notes that are visible only to you.
  • You can tag a colleague through an @ mention or post a reply in a thread and get email notifications so you never miss out on the conversation.

Spotted an interesting new robotics startup that your team wasn’t aware of, and think it might be a potential future partner? Head to its profile, tag your manager in a note, and let them know why you think this company is worth tracking.

Think a certain investment by Amazon Alexa Fund indicates an interesting strategic direction for Team Bezos? Just leave a note directly on the funding table and share with your team.

Noticed a market trend about CPG companies leveraging blockchain? Add your own opinions and analysis directly to our research briefs, too.

We know it’s important to you to have knowledge at your fingertips, so the technology we’ve built makes notes easy to find.

If you leave a note about Bonsai AI on Microsoft’s acquisition table, it gets carried over to Bonsai AI’s profile. It remembers and displays where you left the original note — whether it was in a profile table, collection, research brief, or anywhere else.

This means you’ll never lose great ideas to the black hole of PowerPoint, Excel, or Slack ever again.

Have you downloaded the CBI mobile app?  You know have the ability to leave notes on the go. Find out more here

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