Manage your workflow on the go with mobile Collections

Our mobile app now gives you the ability to manage your workflow with Collections on the go. If you open up the CBI mobile app, you’ll now see a tab at the bottom for Collections. 

Once you click on that tab, you’ll see Your Collections and our analyst-curated Expert Collections. These are the same Collections that are available on the web version of CBI. 

If you select an Expert Collection, you’ll be able to run a similar analysis on the companies within that you can on web.

To see the CBI data for each company, simply click on the three dots located underneath each company. 

Adding Companies to a Collection

When you want to start adding companies to your own Collection, there will always be a default Collection that appears first. This Collection is your most recently updated one. If you’d like to change the Collection that you’re adding to, simply click the name of the default Collection to make the change. 

Below are the 4 ways you can add companies into your own Collection. 

First, make sure you’ve either Cloned an Expert Collection or created your own on the web version. Note: You cannot clone Expert Collections on the mobile app. More info on cloning and editing Collections on the web version  here. 

1.Plus Button

Pressing the plus button brings you to an Add Company screen. Here you can find whatever company you want to add. 

Once you have selected a company to add, you can again choose which Collection to add into - it is also pre-chosen, if you disagree, simply hit the Collection name to change it. 


When you are on a company or investor profile, there is a bookmark icon on the top right corner. When clicked, a bottom sheet comes up with a pre-chosen Collection. If this is the Collection you want to add into, simply click the giant '+'. If you want to choose another Collection, simply click on the Collection name to change the Collection that it should be added into.

3.Top Search

Click on the checkbox like icon on the top left corner to show the checkboxes. Here you can select the companies you want to add to your Collection. 

4.Expert Collection

See companies in an Expert Collection of interest? Simply click on any of the bookmark icons on companies you’re  interested in adding to your own Collection.

Click the checkbox like icon on the top left corner to show the checkboxes. Here you can select as many as you like or hit 'Select All”. 

How do I remove a company from my Collection?

Removing companies is easy. Go to your Collection the company is in, find the company and click the three dots, “...” underneath the company name. Next, click Edit in the top right of the screen and scroll to the bottom to remove it. 

Editing Columns

Editing important columns for companies that you're tracking is easy with Collections on mobile. Keep in mind, you cannot add additional columns to your mobile Collection, but you can edit the data in existing ones. So if you wanted to edit the Priority column for one of your companies, you can do this by following the steps below:

To start, click on the three dots, "..." underneath the company that you need to edit. 

Next, click Edit in the top right. 

You can now edit the columns by tapping on them and making the adjustments that you need. 

  1. Which columns can be edited?

    • Text
    • Number
    • Funnel
    • Priority
    • Team Member
    • Tags
    • Lookup
  2. Why are some columns greyed out?

    • This means the columns are CBI data columns which cannot be edited for now. 

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