Create visual landscapes with Market Map Maker

The Market Map Maker is a great way to instantly and easily visualize industry landscapes that look just like the ones put together by our intelligence analysts. Our Market Maps break down different industries and are segmented by area of focus.

You can view Market Maps in many of our Expert Collections to see what our intelligence team has already curated. 

To start building your own Market Map, navigate to one of your Private Collections. Then, click the Market Map tab to begin building.

Click the edit button at the bottom to pull up the list of market categories. 

Sort the companies in the menu by name, last funding, total funding, or Mosaic score. You can now start adding them to your own market map by simply clicking their name. Their curated logo will appear in your market map.

Auto Build

An even quicker way to create your market map is Auto Build. Instantly build a market map that uses your own tagging system within seconds.

You can auto build a market map by latest funding, most funding, or the highest CB Insights Mosaic scores.

Once that is selected, your companies will be categorized by your personalized tags.


Our analysts have curated logos for many of the companies in the CB Insights platform. However. If you want to switch out a logo, simply click the company name on your market map. Then click the pencil to edit the image.

You can also edit the center image with something of your choosing by clicking the image button at the bottom.

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