Find investors with Investor-Acquirer Search

Investor-Acquirer search is the best way to understand which investors are making deals and what industries they’re making deals in.

The Investor-Acquirer Search is located right underneath Company Search. Once you click on it, you’ll be taken to the various filters which are similar to the Deal and Company Search filters.

The Investor Info filter can be used to select Investor Types (you can select from a drop-down list), their geography details, investors from our collections, a specific Investor (Sequoia) — or you can enter an Investor's URL.

If you want to narrow your search of investors, you can drill down on specific companies from Collections or industries to get a more narrow view of where investors are their putting money. This is a great tool to use whenever you're looking for which investors are doing the most deals within a certain market. 

The Financing & Exit Round filter is a good way to narrow your search even further by specifying what kind of exit rounds certain investors are participating in. You can enter in a date range to get an idea of the # of investors in an exit round during a specific time frame.

Once you have your filters set, click See Results. Now you can see how many deals an investor is making which can help you better understand who the top players are. 

Make sure to check out how to run Company and Deal searches.

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