Instantly download a company or investor page with Profile Dossiers

Profile Dossiers

We’ve made the process of creating a presentation about organizations incredibly simple for the next time you need to brief your manager or team on a particular company.

With profile dossiers, you can instantly build a report in the same format as our Stories feature.

Simply navigate to any company or investor profile and click “view dossier” at the top.

All of the data janitor work required to pull together information is now done for you, including gathering:

  • Stock price & performance (if public)
  • Funding history
  • Investors
  • Acquisitions
  • Patents
  • Competitors
  • Board members

Beyond the data collection work, we also save you time by formatting it and putting it into an attractive presentation.

Dossiers are interactive and always stay current with real-time data, ensuring your presentations on a company never go stale.

If you’d like to edit and customize the dossier, you can do that by simply cloning it. This lets you add your own narrative and data, as well as additional data points from the CB Insights platform.

You can also download your dossier to a PDF if you'd like to share your presentation with co workers who aren't using CB Insights. 

If you are a client, the Profile Dossiers feature is now enabled on your account. Log in and try it out today by visiting any company or competitor profile.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions.

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