Running your own reports

You can use the Run Report feature in Collections to better understand trends and opportunities within an industry.

Navigate to either an Expert Collection or Private Collection to begin. Click the Run Report function towards the top right and CB Insights will build a variety of charts.

You’ll then be able to present your charts. Or, if you’re looking for something more granular, you can start digging deeper into your collection using tags (#).

Simply click a tag on the right to build charts based only on companies that have that specific tag. You can add multiple tags. (Note: You have to tag companies ahead of time in order for this function to work).

You can then, for example, scroll through the report and see what financing stage makes up the majority of the deal share. 

Want to see which countries are making the most deals in this space? Scroll down to the Deals by Geography chart. 

Clicking on the "Aggregate Data" button below the chart will show you the total funding by country. 

The Detailed Data button will show you every deal made in the space broken down by country. 

The Run Report feature is a quick and easy to use tool that saves you countless hours of research and reporting.

If you don't have access to this feature but think this will be useful to you and your team, contact your Customer Success Manager or call 212-292-3148. 


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