Getting started with Top Search

A great place to kick off your research in the CB Insights platform is through the Top Search function. 

Top Search consolidates a range of information to provide a comprehensive overview of a company, keyword, or topic you’re searching. Several tabs appear once a search query is entered.

  • CB Insights Intelligence surfaces briefings, briefs, and reports from CB Insights Intelligence Analysts.
  • Companies and Investors show you relevant companies and investors related to the term you’ve searched.
  • Patents displays trends in patent filings related to the term you’ve searched over time, as well as a list of individual patents filed and granted.
  • Earnings Transcripts display mentions of your search term in Earnings Call transcripts across US based public companies, along with related excerpts underneath.
  • News displays a visual of media mentions of a keyword search over time, followed by a list of specific news articles below.

Here's an example of how Top Search works:

You can start by typing in a specific keyword, company, or investor to pull up the profile page. For example, if you type in the term blockchain, you will see see a magnifying glass, building icon, and a briefcase with a dollar symbol appear.

The magnifying glass represents an overall search on the term, the building icon represents a company named Blockchain, and the briefcase represents an investor with Blockchain in its name.

Clicking on the building icon takes you to the company's profile page.

To focus more on industry trends, you can leverage a text search in Top Search by searching a term and clicking the result with the magnify glass icon.

Let's use AI as an example.

By clicking on the News tab, we can see news and media mentions for the term over different time frames, as well as all top companies and investors related to the search.

How are the search results in Top Search ranked? 

Whenever you search a keyword in Top Search, you'll be able to access several results in our CB Insights Intelligence, Companies, and Investors tabs. Below are brief summaries of how those results are ranked on the page:

CB Insights Intelligence: Research posts are populated based on a number of weighted factors including title, body text, and date posted.

Companies tab: Companies are populated based on a number of weighted factors including name, description, competitors, news, etc.

Investors tab: Investors are populated based on a number of weighted factors including name, description, portfolio companies & their descriptions, news, etc.

Searching for Multiple items

CB Insights allows you to search for multiple companies, investors, or keywords. We use Boolean logic or a Boolean search in order to do this. 

A Boolean search allows users to combine keywords with modifiers such as AND or OR to further produce more relevant results. For example, a Boolean search could include "autonomous vehicles" AND "AI" — this would limit the search results to only those results containing the two keywords, as seen below.

In order to do this, you’ll first want to type out your first search term, hit TAB, and type AND or OR depending on whether you’re searching for one item AND another, or one item OR another. The search will load results that match the keywords you’ve entered.


In Conclusion

By focusing only on the relevant companies and technologies found in the CB Insights database (and specific to your query), Top Search cuts down on the noise that you’d get from a classic Google search.

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