The Difference between Expert and Private

Expert Collections

These Collections are curated by our Intelligence Unit, and cover a wide variety of topics including artificial intelligence, digital health, fintech, and more. Expert Collections contain details related to an industry around companies, investors, news mentions, and other data points.

Private Collections

Private Collections are your own, editable Collections. There are 4 ways to begin building your first Private Collection:

Clone An Expert Collection: The easiest way to build your first Collection is to clone one of our existing Expert Collections. You can do that simply by navigating to any of the Expert Collections, hovering over, and clicking "clone."

Once cloned, you can edit and customize your new Collection. You can add or remove companies, sort by total funding or Mosaic score, and accept recommendations. You can also tag the Collection to create a taxonomy of the space that’s meaningful to your research.

Build it from Top Search: Alternatively, with our Top Search functionality, you can add any of the companies or investors that surface to an existing Private Collection, or create a new Collection.

Build it from Company Profile: You can easily add a company profile to one of your Collections by clicking on the “Add to Collection” button found on any company profile page.

Create a Collection from Advanced Search: You can use any of the advanced search tools (magnifying glass on the left sidebar of the platform) to start a new Collection. You can use the companies or investors that come up in your search to create a new Private Collection, or you can add them to a pre-existing Private Collection.

Learn how to Edit Collections. For more, check out our Overview of Collections.

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