Editing Your Collections

Adding or deleting companies: To add companies to an Expert Collection, first make sure that the Collection you’re in has been cloned, which will make it private and allow you to customize it. You can learn how to clone a Collection here.

You can add companies to your Private Collections from profiles and searches all across the platform, as well as from your collection itself: Once you’re in the companies tab in the Collection, you can use the “Add a company” field underneath our recommended companies, upload companies in bulk using our Excel Import, or use our recommendation tool at the top of the companies tab.

Removing companies is just as simple: Hover over any company and click the trash can icon to the right, or remove in bulk via our filter menu at the top right.

Accepting recommendations: The recommendations tool runs off an algorithm that recognizes and learns your preferences over time. The more you interact with it, the smarter it gets, and the more tailored your recommendations will be.

Rejecting recommendations: Clicking the thumbs down button will remove the company and tell the tool not to suggest companies like that in the future, whereas the thumbs up adds that company to your Collection and tells the tool to recommend similar companies.

Tag companies one by one by hovering, clicking the tag button (#), and selecting a tag/creating your own. 

Bulk tagging works by using the filter button. You can search across the Collection using a keyword, select all the companies you want to tag, and then apply the tags accordingly.

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