Finding investments with Deal Search

CB Insights Deal Search is the best way to search deals by industry or geography and get round-by-round financing details.

To get started, expand the Advanced Search drop-down in your navigation tool and select Deal Search.

Then, set filters. You can choose to filter by Industry and Geography, Company Attributes, Financing & Exit, and Performance Metrics/Mosaic score (in any combination).

You can explore emerging technology verticals via the "Companies from Collections" filter.

You can select multiple filters based on your needs and areas of interest. Using the Financing & Exit filter, you can surface startups by their funding stage, and find startups that are backed by companies you’re following. The results will surface deals to companies, as well as their location and any other data points you want to see. 

You can now save your search to stay up-to-date on the exit activity you care about. Or, schedule this search so new deals fitting your criteria can be automatically sent to your inbox.

What is 'Other' in deal search (investment stage)?




Corporate Minority

Shareholder Liquidity



Biz Plan Competition



Revenue Finance

Corp-Venture Partnership

Milestone Payment

Project Finance

Secondary Market



Other Venture Capital:

Unattributed VC


Make sure to check out how to run Company and Investor-Acquirer Searches.

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