Customize, manage and report on your funnel in real-time

After speaking with clients, it became clear that everyone defines their company and research funnels and steps very differently. 

But because Collections is both flexible and scalable, you’re easily able to edit templates and create custom Collections and columns to provide a simple and visual view into your funnel.

Adding a Funnel Column 

For example, by adding a “Funnel” column to any Collection, you’re able to label companies based on various stages of research, interest, etc. Colors and labels are fully customizable.

Managing and Reporting on your Funnel 

If you need to share funnel updates with colleagues or key stakeholders you’ll want to make sure you click “Share” and add them to your Collection. That way stakeholders can access your Collection to get up to speed quickly on the health of your funnel. More info on how to share here

You can also proactively report on your funnel with easy filtering capabilities in seconds.

Let’s say your manager or colleague asks which companies are in the “Negotiating” stage of your funnel.

To answer that question in seconds, we built filter automation allowing you to isolate the stage you need to report on.

Simply click the filtering button next to “Funnel”.

Next, deselect the stages you want to remove, leaving you with the companies in your “Negotiating” stage.

Now you can see all the companies that are in the “Negotiating” stage of your funnel.  What’s more, If you have invited others to collaborate on your Collection who are working closely with these companies, you can rest assured that you have filtered the latest information that they have. 

You can also generate further automated reporting on trends to companies in any stage of your funnel by clicking “Dossier.”

In this case, since we wanted to focus on trends and reporting for companies in the “Negotiating” stage of the funnel, the Dossier will reflect that filter.

Simply click “View Dossier” toward the top right of your screen.

And watch the Dossier instantly reflect the active filers. 

For more on Dossier and how you can use our autonomous analysis and reporting capabilities to save hours of time, check out this article. 

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