Create a visual heat map of priorities to always know where things stand

In order to keep your team focused on the right opportunities, everyone needs to know what projects and initiatives they should be prioritizing. 

Within Collections, we made it super easy to not only visualize your priorities but also assign owners so each member of your team knows what they should be working on. 

Each Collection sheet uses a table structure to organize data. You can add column types based on what you’d like your sheet to represent. For example, if I want to have a sheet with a list of companies I'm prioritizing for my team to evaluate, I'd create a sheet and add a “Company,” “Priority,” and “Team Member” column. 

Once you add a Team Member column, you’ll need to invite your teammates to your Collection to Collaborate. 

Collaborate with Others

It’s simple to invite others to your Collection — both teammates who have a CB Insights account, and guests who do not.

First, select the share button. Then, choose which teammates or guests you’d like to invite. Once invited, your teammates with CB Insights access can add companies, tags, and even leave notes and edit Market Maps within your Collection.

Add Columns for Team Members and Priority

Once you add colleagues to your Collection, you can use the “Team Member” column to assign owners to each opportunity or research topic, as well as updating the priority. 

This way I can add companies of interest, set the priority for each and then assign owners to evaluate each company once I’ve invited colleagues to the Collection. All columns can be filtered & sorted to easily visualize your priorities.

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