Looking up companies with Company Search

Using Company Search will allow you to search for a list of companies from different industries. This is most useful when you need to do research on what companies in a certain industry segment are receiving funding.

Click on the Company Search tab and select the filters in order to begin your search. The most common filters used in a company search are the Industry & Geography and Financing & Exit filters. Together, you can select which industries you’d like your companies to fall under and see the funding trends of those companies.

Check out how many AI companies in the US received funding within a specific date range, as seen below.

You can dig deeper by using the Financing and Exit filter if you only wanted to focus on AI companies that have undergone specific funding rounds. This is most useful if you only wanted to focus on companies in a certain stage, such as early-stage startups.

If you wanted to get more specific, you can use our Performance Metrics/Mosaic filter to only search for companies that have a high Mosaic score. For more info on what a Mosaic score is, click here.

Make sure to check out how to run Deal and Investor-Acquirer searches.

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