Collections Overview


Collections is CB Insights’ “CRM for Innovation” - a tool that simplifies knowledge management and removes the innovation process from spreadsheets. It's a portfolio of  companies, investors, and other data points that you'll find useful.

CB Insights clients use Collections to:

  • Add companies, investors and research into a central place
  • Visualize and present insights to others
  • Organize thoughts and conduct research
  • Collaborate internally and beyond their organization

There are two types of Collections: Expert Collections and Private Collections.

Expert Collections

These Collections are curated by our Intelligence Unit, and cover a wide variety of topics including artificial intelligence, digital health, fintech, and more. Expert Collections contain details related to an industry around companies, investors, news mentions, and other data points.

Private Collections

Private Collections are your own, editable Collections. There are 4 ways to begin building your first Private Collection:

Clone An Expert Collection: The easiest way to build your first Collection is to clone one of our existing Expert Collections. You can do that simply by navigating to any of the Expert Collections, hovering over, and clicking "clone."

Once cloned, you can edit and customize your new Collection. You can add or remove companies, sort by total funding or Mosaic score, and accept recommendations. You can also tag the Collection to create a taxonomy of the space that’s meaningful to your research.

Build it from Top Search: Alternatively, with our Top Search functionality, you can add any of the companies or investors that surface to an existing Private Collection, or create a new Collection.

Build it from Company Profile: You can easily add a company profile to one of your Collections by clicking on the “Add to Collection” button found on any company profile page.

Create a Collection from Advanced Search: You can use any of the advanced search tools (magnifying glass on the left sidebar of the platform) to start a new Collection. You can use the companies or investors that come up in your search to create a new Private Collection, or you can add them to a pre-existing Private Collection.

Editing Collections

  • Adding or deleting companies: Once you’re in the companies tab in the Collection, you can use the “Add a company” field underneath our recommended companies, upload companies in bulk using our Excel Import, or use our recommendation tool at the top of the companies tab.

    Removing companies is just as simple: Hover over any company and click the trash can icon to the right, or remove in bulk via our filter menu at the top right.
    • Accepting recommendations: The recommendations tool runs off an algorithm that recognizes and learns your preferences over time. The more you interact with it, the smarter it gets, and the more tailored your recommendations will be.
    • Rejecting recommendations: Clicking the thumbs down button will remove the company and tell the tool not to suggest companies like that in the future, whereas the thumbs up adds that company to your Collection and tells the tool to recommend similar companies.
    • Tag companies one by one by hovering, clicking the tag button (#), and selecting a tag/creating your own. 
    • Bulk tagging works by using the filter button. You can search across the Collection using a keyword, select all the companies you want to tag, and then apply the tags accordingly.


It’s simple to invite collaborators to your Collection, both coworkers or guests outside your organization. 

First, select the invite coworkers button, then choose which Teammates or Guests you’d like to invite. Once invited, your coworkers can add companies, tags, and even comment on company profiles within the Private Collection to foster communication and share insights with your colleagues.

Home Feed

Your Home Feed is an aggregate of news and activity around companies, technologies, and markets from your Private Collections.

Logging into the CB Insights platform will put you on your Home Feed where you’ll see different types of updates.

Below, for example, you can see new CB Insights research on Google’s AI & voice strategy as well as a new round of financing to startup Robinhood.

By creating Private Collections — either through scratch or by cloning one of our Expert Collections — you’re able to build out a personalized Home Feed that will deliver insights straight to your screen.

In Summary

Collections can be used as a centralized location within CB Insights to organize your thoughts, collaborate across teams, and visualize / present your data to others.

Get started today by cloning and customizing an expert collection. 

Find out more on how to organize your Collections and build out market landscapes

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