Collections for Strategy & Innovation

The CB Insights platform has numerous applications across industries, companies, and teams. One need teams often have when coming to our platform is strategy management. 

Collections is a feature that can be strategically used to accomplish a myriad of goals. For example, a Strategy & Innovation team may want to create a custom list of companies of interest and link them to team initiatives and strategies. Here is a guide to do just that!

Create a new Collection using the Strategy Management template. Three sheets will auto generate — Initiatives, Startups, and Contacts.

Initiative Sheet 

Here you can identify team initiatives. Utilize the default columns to outline what is most important to your team. As you label companies on the Startup Sheet with initiatives, they will automatically pull through. 

Startup Sheet

Add companies to this sheet and utilize the Initiatives column to tie them to the team initiative. 

(Click here for details on how to add companies to a Collection.) 

Contact Sheet

House all of your relevant contacts in one place. Use default columns to easily save information that is most important and relevant to you. 

Columns: If you want a deeper explanation on columns and their functionality, click here

Many Strategy & Innovation teams use market maps to easily identify top players in a space.

Within Collections, you can toggle from table to map and utilize the market map feature. Click here to dive into how to customize or build your own market map. 

Need to get an overall picture of the companies and industry highlighted by your Collection? Utilize the View Dossier tool to get a built presentation, including charts, graphs, and talking points, analyzing the Collection. 

The Dossier has many charts and graphs, accompanied by CBI Narratives. This feature generates talking points analyzing the data for you. 

Here is a guide through Dossier and how you can customize it. 

Collections is structured with ease of collaboration in mind; you can leave notes to yourself or your team on a specific company or sheet. 

Want to share the Collection with a teammate or guest? 

For details on what guests can and cannot do, click here

Need more help? Feel free to send us a message through our live chat tool or send an email to your Customer Success Manager. 

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