Collections for Deal Tracking

CB Insights is used across many different companies and industries. One function that teams find our platform useful for is tracking prospects for investment or acquisitions.

With our collections feature, teams tasked with investment management or identifying acquisition opportunities can narrow down short lists, manage progress, and share information across the team. 

Start from scratch 

One way to build your own collection is by using our templates created by our analysts. We’ll use the Dealflow Tracker sheet. This template is used to monitor and track updates to relevant companies in your deal flow, while managing relationships with previous, current, or potential investment or acquisition opportunities.

A new sheet with preset columns will be created.

Now you can start filling your collection with investment information. You can take advantage of our Expert Collections that are built out by our analysts and comprised of companies operating in different industries and technologies. You can filter by certain criteria and choose companies from a variety of collections to create your own. 

As an example, we’ll look at potential investments in the auto space.

Adding to your collection 

After selecting the Auto Tech collection, you can filter by criteria to find companies of interest. You can filter based on any column in a collection. Here, the collection is filtered by companies based in the United States with greater than $20M in funding. 

Once you’ve identified companies from an Expert Collection you’d like to track, you can use the Add To action bar and add them to your own. 

You can also build out a collection by using our advanced search to narrow down certain criteria. 

Customizing your workspace

After adding the selected companies to your Collection, the companies and corresponding information will appear once you navigate back. You can edit titles and add a variety of columns like funding rounds, amounts, and dates. CB Insights’ underlying data is added instantly to your sheets. Data automatically updates, so there’s no need to refresh spreadsheets manually. 

Track progress

Add the funnel columns to instantly see progress. You can edit steps name and color to suit your team.

Own your work 

Assign companies to team members for a quick view of project owners. 

Linking between sheets 

Link to another sheet using the Lookup column. In this case, you can import contact details from another sheet in the collection.

The separate contact sheet also links back to information from the company sheet. Additional sheets in a collection could be used to track goals, initiatives, research, and more. The whole team will be able to view the sheet and see contact information at a glance. 


Add a priority column to create your own visual heatmap so your team knows where things stand. 

Priority steps can be edited just like Funnel steps. 

Leave notes

Make notes on progress by adding a text column. 

And finally, you can share your work with the broader team.

Additional resources 

More information on Collections can be found here. If you have any questions on how to build out your own collection, our team is happy to help. You can reach out to your customer success manager or reach our support team here. 

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