Collections for Corporate Development

The CB Insights platform is used across many different organizations and industries. One function that teams find our platform useful for is identifying emerging technologies and exceptional companies working in those fields, with goals of partnership or acquisition.

With our Collections feature, teams working in corporate development tasked with identifying strategic technologies and bringing them under the company umbrella can narrow down short lists, manage progress, and share information across the team.

Create your own Collection

To create a new Collection, use the left hand navigation bar to get to your Collections homepage. Select “Create a New Collection.”

You can then choose from a variety of templates: Market Mapping, for example, will allow you to identify and track key technologies and corresponding startups working in those spaces.

Now that you’ve created a Collection, you can start to build it out. Starting in the technology sheet, you can track initiatives and ideas your team is working to incorporate.

Indicate where you are in the process using the funnel column. Add any additional columns that may be relevant to the projects.

Assign team members to see who is working on an initiative at a glance. You can share this Collection with teammates with CB Insights access, or guests. By adding a text column you can also store research as it pertains to key topics.

Discover Startups 

Now you can start identifying key players in the industries and technologies you’re interested in. A good place to start is in our Expert Collections. Curated by our industry analysts, they cover a wide variety of topics, like Digital Health for example.

Clone the Collection in order to add columns and edit information.

To quickly identify companies operating in different spaces, use our expert tags. You can filter and search at the top of the column by tag. This will reveal a list of companies associated with the topic. For example, wearables. Another valuable feature in identifying companies for potential partnerships or investment is our Mosaic score. With the tag filter on, add a Mosaic column and sort from highest to lowest. Now you’ve created an interactive list of top companies that work in wearables tech.

Now you’ll want to add this to your previous Collection to track your workflow and integrate with the technology sheet. You can select all companies, or just the ones you’d like to save. An action bar will appear at the top of the page with different options to add tags and/or delete. You can add this to your initial Collection by selecting “add to.”

Repeat the steps above for any expert tag in the Collection.

Integrate initiatives and manage your workflow

Once you’ve filled your startup sheet with companies of interest, you can start to organize your workflow and prioritize build, buy, partner decisions. 

Linking the sheets with the Lookup column, assign corresponding initiatives to startups. You can filter by tags to identify the corresponding companies.

Add priority levels to create a heatmap of where your projects stand.

Learn how to further customize your Collections here.

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