Understanding Collection Columns

Each sheet uses a table structure to organize data. You can add column types based on what you’d like your sheet to represent. For example, if I want to have a sheet with a list of companies I'm interested in investing in, I'd create a sheet and then add a company column to it. All columns can be filtered & sorted.

Below are definitions for each column type:

Company: Company or investor name. You can also add companies that are not in the CB Insights platform.

Text: Simple text formatting to leave notes, URLs, or any additional information.

Funnel: Label companies based on various stages of research, interest, etc. Colors and labels are fully customizable.

Tag: Create your own tagging system within your collection. For example, you can tag by person, priority, subject, or industry to filter your work.

Priority: Label companies by priority, giving you the ability to sort. Similar to funnel, this column is customizable.

Lookup: Search in other sheets within the collection.

Number: Create a column in number format with customizable currency, decimal, and percentage options.

Team member: Assign a row to a team member with access to CB Insights or a guest teammate.

Expert tag: Tags of industries and sub-industries assigned to companies by CB Insights analysts that will automatically appear if elected. These tags are universal and stay with the company throughout the platform.

Attach a file: You can store existing relevant documents in a collection by attaching files to any row. Add a file by selecting the paperclip in the first column of the sheet or by adding an ‘attachment’ column.Once you’ve added an attachment column, you can upload, rename, or delete multiple files by selecting the Add/Edit option in the Attachment column cell.

CB Insights Data: Fields that will automatically populate based on data on the platform. The data would include: 

  • Basic info: General description about the company and the company website URL.
  • Financials: You can add Market Cap data if the company is public.
  • Mosaic: View company Mosaic score, this will allow you to filter by Mosaic score as well.
  • Network: View competitors as identified by CB Insights analysts.
  • Taxonomy & Geography: Add columns for Industry, sub-industry, and sector as identified by CB Insights analysts. Additionally, you can add location as continent, country, state, city, street, or zip code.
  • Funding History: Add funding information for each company (where available) including the latest funding, funding to date, investors.

These field titles can be renamed and customized once added to the sheet by clicking into the column cell that you want to edit. You can always reset the column cell back to it's original content by clicking the reset icon. 

The only columns that you cannot edit are the Mosaic data columns as well as the Expert Tag columns. 

Note that only your Collection columns can be edited, Expert Collections need to be cloned first before you can edit them. More info on cloning here

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