Frequently Asked Questions On Editing Company or Investor Profiles

What changes can I request in the Editor? 

Information that can be edited:

  • Description
  • Location
  • Contact information
  • Leadership and investors 
  • Funding rounds
  • Investments
  • Valuation
  • Staff size
  • Competitors
  • Partners and customers
  • Social media links

Information that cannot be edited:

  • News mentions
  • Patents
  • Publically reported financial information
  • Mentions in CB Insights research

Trouble logging in? 

You must use a valid business email address to log into the Editor. If your team has an existing CB Insights subscription, you can use your login credentials. If not, you can create a new account. Once you do so, you will be sent a verification email to complete before you can log in. 

Can I add my company to the CB Insights database? 

Yes, you can add your company to the CB Insights database through our Editor tool. 

Can I edit more than one profile?

One email address can be associated with only one company profile. If you are associated with multiple organizations, you will need to use different business emails. However, if you have an investor profile, you will have the ability to edit information on portfolio companies listed. 

I am an outside representative and my email does not match the company name.

Our support team can assist.  Please send and email to with a company representative to confirm affiliation. 

The Editor indicates an error in my company description. 

In order to keep company descriptions uniform across the platform, certain buzzwords and phrases like “hustle” or “world’s leading” won’t be accepted in descriptions. You must work within these parameters to keep profiles clean, clear and legible. 

I’m trying to update information, but the Editor requires contact information or further verification. 

Any additional information must be submitted in the Editor in order to request the changes. 

How can I remove or change contact information? 

You can leave these fields blank or you may input a different contact and submit changes. 

Can I change my company name using the Editor?

No. If you’d like to update your company name please email 

Can I add an investment portfolio to a company profile?

You can add investments to investor profiles under Portfolio and Investments Data. If you do not see the company you are trying to add, it can be suggested by selecting “add company.” 

I updated my CB Insights company Profile but I do not see the changes reflected. 

Changes must be verified by our data team. Proposed changes will take a minimum of 1 business day. 


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