Can I upload documents into my Collection?

Yes, there are two ways to upload documents into a Collection.

You can import an Excel spreadsheet into a Collection: 

To upload a file (XLXS, XLS, or CSV), navigate to your collections homepage and select Create New Collection and then Import Spreadsheet.

You can also import data to an existing Collection by uploading a file to a new sheet. From an existing Collection, select the + sheet icon and then Import Spreadsheet.

Once the Import Sheet page appears, select the file you’d like to import to Collections. Only the first sheet in the file will be imported and the first column in the file must include company names. We also recommend adding a company URL column to improve the company profile match rate (the URL column must be titled URL).

If additional columns are included in the sheet, they will also be uploaded to the Collection. You can upload up to 1,000 rows at a time, though the file must be smaller than 2MB.

For more information on uploading companies from an excel sheet, click here. 

You can also upload files directly into Collection rows: 

You can store existing relevant documents in a collection by attaching files to any row. Add a file by selecting the paperclip in the first column of the sheet or by adding an ‘attachment’ column.Once you’ve added an attachment column, you can upload, rename, or delete multiple files by selecting the Add/Edit option in the Attachment column cell.


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