Build your own Collection

Let’s say you want to keep track of all payment startups. Creating your own Collection to store your research is the best way to do so. There are two ways you can start building out your own Collection:

Clone an existing Expert Collection 

The easiest way to build a Collection is to clone one of our intelligence analysts’ Collections. You can do this by navigating to any of the Expert Collections and clicking “clone.”

Once cloned, the new Collection becomes customizable. You can add or remove companies, add additional tags to better understand the market landscape, and add new sheets or columns to build out the Collection even further. You can also share the Collection with your colleagues to collaborate on. More info on that here.

Create a new one

Click on “Your Collections” and select “Create A New Collection”

You’ll then be prompted to select a template. If you want to create a template from scratch, you can select the blank template under “Start your own collection.”

The following includes an overview of the templates:

Build, Buy, Partner - This template is used to track startups and capture company information and workflow, while seamlessly managing the potential build, buy, or partner relationships in one place.

Deal Flow Tracking - This template is used to monitor and track funding updates to relevant companies in your deal flow, while managing relationships with previous, current, or potential investment or acquisition opportunities.

Partnership Pipeline - This template is used to monitor and track updates to relevant companies in your partnership pipeline, while managing relationships with previous, current, or potential business partnerships.

Portfolio Management - Monitor and track funding updates to companies in your portfolio.

Market Mapping - Track startups and capture company information and workflow to quickly understand who the key players are within a new market.

Relationship Management - Track startups and capture company information and workflow.

Strategy Management - Track data on your team's initiatives.

Competitive Intelligence - Track and capture competitors and their associated data.

Creating a sheet

Once you’ve selected a template, it’s time to start building out your sheet. The sheet is where you can track companies, leave tags, and create workflows all customized to your individual organization.

When creating your own sheet for your Collection, you’ll need to select a template. The template will customize your sheet based on your selection. So if you’re interested in tracking startups, choose the startups template.

Each sheet uses a table structure to organize data — you can add column types based off what you’d like your sheet to represent.

Column Overview

Company- Company or investor name. You can also add companies that are not in the CB Insights platform.

Text - Simple text formatting to leave notes, URLs, or any additional information.

Funnel - Label companies based on various stages of research, interest, etc. Colors and labels are fully customizable.

Tag - Create your own tagging system within your Collection. For example, you can tag by person, priority, subject, or industry to filter your work. Tags also carry over between Collections and sheets. More info on that here.

Priority - Label companies by priority, giving you the ability to sort. Similar to funnel, this column is customizable.

Lookup - Search in other sheets within the collection.

Number - Create a column in number format with customizable currency, decimal, and percentage options.

Team member - Assign a row to a team member with access to CB Insights or a guest teammate.

Expert tag - Tags of industries and sub-industries assigned to companies by CB Insights analysts that will automatically appear if elected. These tags are universal and stay with the company throughout the platform.

CB Insights Data - Fields that automatically populate based on data on the platform.

  • Basic info - General description about the company and the company website URL.
  • Financials - You can add Market Cap data if the company is public.
  • Mosaic - View company Mosaic score, which will also allow you to filter by it.
  • Network - View competitors as identified by CB Insights analysts.
  • Taxonomy & Geography - Add columns for industry, sub-industry, and sector as identified by CB Insights analysts. Additionally, you can add location (continent, country, state, city, street, or zip code).
  • Funding History - Add funding information for each company including the latest funding, total funding, round investors, etc.

Once you’re columns are added, you can filter and sort the columns on a sheet.

Once you’ve selected your template and have customized your sheet, it’s time to start populating your Collection. In this example, let’s assume you selected the “Buy, Build, Partner” template.

Adding companies to a Collection

There are a couple of ways you can start adding companies to a Collection throughout the CBI platform. To start, make sure you’ve either cloned an Expert Collection or have started building your own.

Add them from a Collection Sheet: From a company sheet, click the checkbox to trigger the action bar.

Click Add To, and then select a destination Collection. 

Click one of the available sheets or create a new one to add your selected companies to that sheet. If you select to create a new Collection or sheet, you will be prompted to title it. 

Add them from Top Search: With our Top Search functionality, you can add any of the companies or investors that surface to an existing Collection, or create your own.

Enter your search term and navigate to the Company or Investors tab.

Click the respective checkbox (or select all) to trigger the Add To menu. Then, select whether to Add To Collections or Stories.

Once you click “Add to Collections,” you’ll be prompted to select the Collection that you want to add the companies to, or you can create a new Collection. (Note: If they’re companies, add them to a company sheet, if they’re investors, add them to investors).

Add them from a Company Profile: Once you click “Add to Collections,” you’ll be prompted to select the Collection that you want to add the companies to.

Add them from Advanced Search: You can add companies and investors populated in an advanced search to your existing Collections, or create a new one based on the search.

Once the results load, select the companies you’d like to add. If you’d like to add all results, be sure to select “all” in the pop-up bar. 

Select Add to Collection and pick the Collection you would like to add to.

The End Result

Once your collection has companies in it, and you've fully customized your sheet, you can start using Collections as part of your daily workflow. 

You can also leverage our Market Map tool to visualize your Collection's entire industry landscape! Find out more about that here

Need help building your Collection? Feel free to send us a message through our live chat tool or send an email to your Customer Success Manager. 

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