Build reports with Industry Dossier

Similar to Profile Dossiers, Industry Dossiers will allow users to instantly create a slide report that captures the core metrics of the companies within that collection, helping to build an understanding of the overall industry landscape.

The dossier itself is live and dynamic within the platform, updating automatically.

Once in a collection, click “View Dossier” at the top of the page to run the report.

This will bring you to the industry dossier deck:

How to edit

Cloning: In order to edit the dossier, you will have to clone it.  Click “clone” in the top right next to the present button. This will copy the story and enable you to make changes to the slides.

Adding new slides/pages: Once cloned, you can add new pages using the “new page” button in the top left. It will bring up a number of template types you can use.

Sections: Once you have added a page, you can decide which sections are included on the page itself using the “add section” button in the top left. This will allow you to take out or add sections like titles, images, and footnotes.

Deleting slides: Left click on a slide (page) to duplicate or delete the slide.

Once you’ve edited the dossier you can download as a PDF or present within the platform using the present button. The advantage of presenting within the platform is that the visualizations can be updated in the dossier itself. If you hover your mouse over a visualization in the dossier, you’ll see an “update chart” button which will update the visualization accordingly if any numbers have changed.

*Before dossiers are cloned, they will update automatically, once they are cloned and edited, you will have to manually update the visualizations.


When you're ready to share, you can download your dossier to PowerPoint or PDF


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