Analyze & visualize your pipeline of companies via programmatic dossiers and market maps

We’ve made the process of building out and visualizing your pipeline of companies easier, and more visual. With Dossiers, you can auto-generate reports based on the companies, investors or industries you’re tracking from a Collection. With Market Maps, your pipeline is now captured in a visually compelling landscape that can be used as part of a larger report. 

Similar to Profile Dossiers, Industry Dossiers will allow users to instantly create a slide report that captures the core metrics of the companies within that collection, helping to build an understanding of the overall industry landscape.

The dossier itself is live and dynamic within the platform, updating automatically.

Once in a collection, click “View Dossier” at the top of the page to generate the automated analysis.

This will bring you to the Industry Dossier deck:

CBI Narrative

We've also made it easier for you to quickly run an analysis on the charts within the Dossier with a feature called CBI Narrative.  

CBI Narrative programmatically reads, interprets and offers insights about your charts freeing you from explaining graphs in narrative form for them. At a click of a button, you can seamlessly pick from the auto-populated narrative directly onto the slide.

This will help give you a head start in your analysis by automatically creating bullets of descriptions for you to use. 

To generate a CBI Narrative, click on any of the following slides in either an Industry or Profile Dossier: 

  • Funding activity - Collection Dossier
  • Deal share(deal by stage) - Collection Dossier
  • Deal size - Collection Dossier
  • Acquisitions - Profile Dossier
  • Investment activity - Profile Dossier
  • New vs follow on - Profile Dossier
  • Exits - Profile Dossier

The Narratives will appear on the right hand side. They will update when there is a modification to the data set the narrative is analyzing. 

Presenting your Dossier

You can present live dossiers from the platform by clicking the present button, as well as export them to PDF by clicking the download button. The advantage of presenting within the platform is that the visualizations can be updated in the dossier itself.

How to edit your Dossier

Cloning: In order to edit the dossier, you will have to clone it.  Click “clone” in the top right next to the present button. This will copy the story and enable you to make changes to the slides.

Adding new slides/pages: Once cloned, you can add new pages using the “new page” button in the top left. It will bring up a number of template types you can use.

Sections: Once you have added a page, you can decide which sections are included on the page itself using the “add section” button in the top left. This will allow you to take out or add sections like titles, images, and footnotes.

Deleting slides: Left click on a slide (page) to duplicate or delete the slide.

Updating a Chart: If you hover your mouse over a visualization in the dossier, you’ll see an “update chart” button which will update the visualization accordingly if any numbers have changed. Additionally, updating a chart will also update the CBI Narrative generated to the right of the slide. Click here to learn more. 

*Before dossiers are cloned, they will update automatically, once they are cloned and edited, you will have to manually update the visualizations.

When you're ready to share your report, you can download to PowerPoint or PDF

Market Map Maker - Visualize any industry or pipeline in 1 click

The Market Map Maker is another great way to instantly and easily visualize industry landscapes that look just like the ones put together by our intelligence analysts. 

Our Market Maps break down different industries and are segmented by area of focus. This is where the tags you or our team create save you tons of time when generating a Market Map.

You can view Market Maps in many of our Expert Collections to see how our Intelligence Analysts have broken down an emerging technology ecosystem.

For example, if we wanted to switch to the Market Map within our Fintech 250 Expert Collection, we can simply click “Map.”

Building Your Own Market Map

To start building your own Market Map, navigate to one of “Your Collections.”

Ensure that you have added Expert Tags created by our analysts or your own tags to the collection

Then, click the Map tab to begin building.

The Market Map will default to the expert map created by our analysts. Click the edit button at the bottom to pull up the list of categories.

By selecting a company from the list, the curated image will appear in your market map under the category it is tagged. You can add, delete, and move company images and categories.

Auto Build

You can automatically generate a Market Map by choosing companies according to 3 different filters:

Once auto build is selected, companies will be categorized according to your personalized tags. Be sure to select save if you’d like to return to the map you create.

Image Customization

Our analysts have curated images for many of the companies in the CB Insights platform. However, If you want to switch out a company image, simply click the company name on your market map. Then click the pencil to edit the existing image. You can also add a new center image.

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