Adding all pages of a Dossier to a PDF

The pages in the Profile Dossier are meant to be dynamic and shared/viewed within the CBI platform. For example, when you get to the investors slide, you can view each page of investors within the CBI dossier by clicking on the page numbers. (However, downloading to PDF will only include the first page of investors.)

Adding multiple pages to your PDF

  1. Click the clone > clone story button at the top.
  2. Select "view story" at the bottom once it's been cloned.
  3. Click on the slide which contains the table you need to edit, right click, and select "Duplicate Page." Repeat this step for each page the table contains.
  4. Once you have your duplicates, they’ll be added to the end of the Dossier. You’ll need to drag them across the Dossier to reorder them.
  5. Click “Next” at the bottom of each slide to move between pages. For example, click “Next” on the first duplicate of the investors slide to take you to page 2. On the second duplicate, select “Next” until you get to page 3, and so on.
  6. Download to PDF. All of the pages of the table should be listed in the correct order.

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