Use the Add To action bar to update your Collection

In addition to adding companies to a Collection from Advanced Search, you can now add them from an existing Collection or from our Top Search. This gives you the ability to create customized Collections in seconds. Below is a step by step walk through on Add To Collections and how to utilize it. 

How/where To Use

1) Collections

From company sheet, click the checkbox to trigger the action bar.

Click Add To, and then select a destination Collection. 

Click one of the available sheets or create a new one to add your selected companies to that sheet. If you select to create a new Collection or sheet, you will be prompted to title it. 

2) Top Search

Enter your search term and navigate to the Company or Investors tab.

From a Top search, you can also add companies or investors to Stories.

Click the respective checkbox (or select all) to trigger the Add To menu. Then, select whether to Add To Collections or Stories.

With this update, your process of keeping track of relevant companies in your Collection just got a lot easier! For more info on how to edit a Collection, click here.

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