A Sleek New Look

We’re releasing an enhanced version of Collections. You can think of the new version as a spreadsheet on steroids that serves as a work management tool for you to track companies, investors, and other data important to your organization.

The new version is also more collaborative: your team can use it to stay focused on the strategies, opportunities, markets, and projects that will grow your business. Check out our guide on how to share Collections with your colleagues here.

Why we made changes

We wanted to give our clients the ability to integrate their current workflows with the CB Insights platform.

Below are a couple of examples of things we’ve updated:

  • Incorporate CBI data into spreadsheets - The most unique feature is being able to pull data from the platform into each Collection, and organize it like a spreadsheet.

    • Eg: Country of companies or investors, total funding, mosaic score, etc

  • Customizing your Funnel - Everyone has a different workflow, so we’ve given you the ability to fully customize where companies or projects sit in your day-to-day work.

    • Eg: tracking potential companies to invest in or partner with, keeping a list of competitors, conducting due diligence, etc

  • Notes - You can leave notes about startups, projects, and more in Collections for your team to see.

  • Guest Sharing - Guests now have more functionality within the Collection. They can leave notes, as well as add rows and sheets into the Collection. For more info on Guest access, click here.

Want more info on how to use Collections? Check out our tutorial guide. 

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